Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Black Bean and Butternut Soup

Photo of my very own bowl of soup

This recipe is from another one of my favorite food blogs - Sprouted Kitchen

You can find the recipe at the link at the bottom of this post, here are a few tips and comments about the dish:

She says to be careful with the cayenne pepper - which is good advice - but I only did one pinch and it could have used a bit more spice. I, someone who is not particularly fond or capable of super spicy food, actually decided to add a few drops of Sriracha to my bowl. Next time, I will pump up the cayenne. 

I would most definitely recommend a few pulses with the immersion blender once the soup is done. It really gives it a nice hearty stew-like feel. Don't overdo it though, you still want some whole beans and nice chunks of squash.

You DEFINITELY want the avocado and cilantro to garnish. The avocado adds a nice cool, creamy touch (plus I just love it) and the cilantro gives it a fresh burst of flavor. I also put some shredded cheddar cheese on top - and of course the tortilla crispies.


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