Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quinoa Salad

So, another way to use quinoa is by making a "quinoa salad". This can mean anything from tossing some cooked quinoa into a leafy green salad, to making a tabbouleh-esque grain salad. 
Here's the recipe I use - credited to Kara Sharpe. I made this for lunch yesterday...and with dinner tonight :)

Quinoa Salad
From Kara Sharpe and my brain

2 C cooked quinoa
1 lemon
olive oil
salt n' pepper

First, cook your quinoa. Then, you have endless optional add-ins. Here are some of my favorites:

Black beans
Cheese- I use Parmesan or feta, feel free to experiment
Bell pepper

Dice your add-ins so that they are bite size, then toss the quinoa, juice from most or all of the lemon, and a couple swirls of olive oil together.
If you'd like, you can mix in some fresh parsley or other herbs and top it off with as much salt and pepper as your prefer. 

It's quick and easy and can be eaten as a main dish, side dish, or snack. Perfect!

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