Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cookin' In the North Woods

I spend all summer in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on Lake Michigamme. Yoopers call summer cottages "Camp", and in my family's case Camp is a lot like a summer camp. We have a total of five buildings including a bath house, bunk house, and most importantly, the Cookie. 

The Cookie is an 8-by-8 ft building plumbed by hoses that we use as our kitchen. With only enough room for a refrigerator, small counter, and tiny amount of food storage, most of the cooking is actually done outside.

The Cookie!

Outside, we have  grill, an industrial size griddle, a stainless steel cook table, and a new addition: the range! Because the range really shouldn't be outside, we're making plans to expand: we're going from 8-by-8 to 8-by-12. In the meantime, the range gets covered every night with a chair cover to protect it from the rain.

The prep table...A.K.A pots and pans holder.

The griddle and the range.

It can be tough when it rains...and when more than two people need to cook at once...but I wouldn't trade the Cookie for the world! Wait till next summer when you can check out the new setup!

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